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Der prämierte Opener jetzt in 16:9 HD. CHBP hat das 35mm Filmmaterial digital remastered* und Marc Comes den Directors cut gemacht. Carlo Peters verschob mit der Neuvertonung den broadcast opener ordentlich in Richtung feature. Geniessen Sie den Unterschied.
*(Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Cinepost)

After the fall of the berlin wall in 1989 and the decision of the goverment to move the capital from pittoresque Bonn to the ”poor but sexy city" Berlin, the former bed of chancellors Schmidt and Kohl in the »Kanzlerbungalow« remained empty. The history laden spot was the ideal place for the show of the same name, a political magazine of the WDR staged weekly at the original location. CHBP developed and produced the On Air Design (imagery, logo, script) breathing the semitransparent architecture of Sep Ruf (1963), shot on 35mm with a David Lynch smile.

Marc Comes' first collaboration with the WDR won the Eyes & Ears Award 2003 in Munich in the category "best feature or broadcast opener".

Client: WDR
Director & DoP: Marc Comes
Camera: Ralph Kaechele
Music: Carlo Peters
© 2013 / 00:39 min