T-Systems »PAL 3000«

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»Application Performance Management«, »Voice over IP« and »Unified Communication & Collaboration« are IT solutions for the B2B division of T-Systems which are linked in a complex way. The agency brandrelation designed together with the film production company CHBP short films for T-Systems, which are tailored to the IT users. »The machine wants to be human and the human being acts like a machine. This is the classic topic of Science Fiction the ironic series is about.« Director Marc Comes wrote together with his colleague and screenwriter Jan Schomburg this series, which is a homage to »2001. A Space Odyssey« by Stanley Kubrick. The sound design is by Carlo Peters.

IT specialist Dave (Steve Hudson) is the last »survivor« of an office block who is all the time confronted with the headstrong opinions of the talking IT computer »PAL 3000«, whose camera eye is ubiquituos. The episodes 1-3 are used in the web as an invitation for webcasts of experts, as a warmup for a customer meetings and the mobilisation of the distribution. To be continued...

Client: T-Systems
Agency: Brandrelation
Director & DoP: Marc Comes
Written by: Marc Comes & Jan Schomburg
Animation: Blanx
Sound design: Carlo Peters
Model: Steve Hudson
© 2009 / 07:24 min