Vier Zwei Eins – Noritoshi Hirakawa

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In the performance "Vier Zwei Eins" the artist also deals with a social taboo: the subconscious desires between father and daughter. Beneath the surface of daily communication the story steps into a subconscious level as a dialogue of existential impact. The inner conflict of the leading actress is dramatically staged by the appearance of her "spirit" embodied by a masked and naked female dancer. By filtering the sexual intercourse between the leading actress and her boyfriend with a camera, Hirakawa allows the audience to approach to the subject from a "safe" distance. Gestures and facial expressions are accompanied with the improvisations of a female violinist. The psychological drama culminates into Shakespearian dimensions when the desire beyond the common sense of society bonds father and daughter to each other as a tragic, unconscious destiny. Their desperate trials to find an adequate quantity of their desire, clarifies the difficulty of human existence.

Hirakawa, born 1960 in Japan and residing in New York City since 1993 is now an internationally known contemporary artist after studying Applied Sociology. He has created numerous works in photography, film, dance, installation and performance.

"Although sexuality is non-institutional, it possesses at the same time a quality found both within and without institutional life. In our institutional lives, this quality produces a division of the human being into two images: the one public and the other private. When the private image, one's own sexual attraction, is censored in the public realm, while at the same time printed information about a person from familiar surroundings is provided in place of the missing criteria, the question arises as to how the observer would react to the new image of the person. The result is quite possibly the temptation to establish a personal relationship with the person if the observer has the means with which to deal with the censorship on his own."
Noritoshi Hirakawa

Client: Galerie Baukunst
DoP: Robin Baum
Camera: Robin Baum, Kay M. Kramme
Film by: Noritoshi Hirakawa
© 2006 / 01:23 min (excerpt)